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Korean Sticky White Rice

WOO HOO! I did a happy dance in my kitchen after this recipe turned out really well! If you google “sticky white rice for instant pot,” you get A LOT of random instructions/blogs but I am here to tell you that there is a LEGIT way to make sticky white rice (Japanese/Korean style) in the instant… Continue reading Korean Sticky White Rice

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Beef and Radish Soup (무우국)

Wow, “beef and radish” does not sound appetizing together! But, I promise, this is a really yummy soup and super fast (cooks in 10 minutes) to make. It also works as the base of a lot of other Korean soups. Omit the radish and boil rice cakes in the broth for 3 minutes, add a beaten egg… Continue reading Beef and Radish Soup (무우국)

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Gyeran Jim (Steamed Egg)

I was SO happy when this came out PERFECT in the Instant Pot. When I do this on the stove, it sometimes dries out (looks like a sponge cake at the edges) and tastes horrible. Dry, spongy egg is disgusting. But in the IP, it came out looking like yellow flan!! Jiggly, moist and briny!  If… Continue reading Gyeran Jim (Steamed Egg)

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Kimchi Jjigae

Kimchi jjigae by Holmes is licensed under CC BY 2.0/modified to add text So… the last few times I made kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew) in the instant pot, it was terrible! Haha. But I was determined to figure it out for the Instant Pot because it takes me over an hour to make it on the… Continue reading Kimchi Jjigae


Instant Pot Kimchi Fried Rice

Okay y’all. I did it. I made kimchi bokkeumbap (kimchi fried rice) in the Instant Pot. John asked, “Why would you do that?!” 1. It frees up the nonstick pan (what I normally use to make the fried rice) to make the FRIED EGGS. Yolky, oozy, fried eggs with crispy brown edges is what makes… Continue reading Instant Pot Kimchi Fried Rice


Best Ever Broccoli

This is not an Instant Pot recipe but I had to post it because it is the BEST way to get greens on the table! It goes in the oven for less time than a Daniel Tiger episode. Let’s END THE STOVETOP TYRANNY 🙂 Even Riley who hates broccoli loves this broccoli. They’re crispy and… Continue reading Best Ever Broccoli